Donna Martinelli
Printing Your Images
MARCH 28, 2024

I always get asked about printing, so I'm going to give my opinion on the matter. You should ALWAYS have your images professionally printed. Why would you pay a professional photographer to take your images just to print them on sub-standard kiosk printers?! The difference in the end product can be significant!Ordering through a professional lab like the ones I use ensures pictures that stand the test of time and will not fade or yellow over the years. Prints have a protective coating to keep them beautiful for a lifetime without fading. Yes you may pay more but isn't it worth it? When you order through your gallery you can be assured that if a photo is not going to fit into a certain aspect ration that I will let you know before it is printed and if possible correct the issue. (note all images depending on composition of the shot will not fit in all aspect ratios the same, thy will need to be adjusted at printed in another aspect ratio, the local walmart will not do that for you. When you’re busy it all adds up, taking the time to sit down and log in or actually GO to the drugstore, making sure you download the correct size for printing, hoping you remember to crop every image correctly so no one is missing a foot or the top of their head. Then, you actually gave yourself another errand by remembering to pick them up later. When you use a professional lab you have trained technicians with lots of experience who monitor the quality of the chemicals in their printers, analyze the color and density in the photographs, do regular maintenance on their machines, check the print quality and redo any problems before shipping you the final product.
I’m here to make life easier for you. As a full-service photographer, I will assist with every step of the process.

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