Albums and Books

A wide variety of albums and books are available for you to design and purchase through your gallery. You choose the cover style, number of photos you want to include and the size of the album. If you don’t see what you are looking for please message me I am sure I can find it for you.

 Layflat Books

Are handmade same as our heirloom albums. Layflat books are printed as full, uninterrupted spreads, adhered back to back of Photo or Smooth Matte paper. Both paper options provide accurate color rendition, sharp image details, and the highest quality archival printing.


Assembled by hand with curated, high-quality materials to be cherished as an heirloom. Our Albums offer luxurious cover materials and several customization options to accent your imagery. Each spread is a continuous print mounted edge-to-edge on rigid insert boards without a center cut, creating a lay-flat and seamless presentation. This Flush Mounted style binding is specific to this album line and makes seamless continuous spreads. Albums are made for weddings in mind but also pair perfectly with high school senior sessions, boudoir photography, and archive a baby’s milestone images.



  • choose custom and select the product you would like to order.
  • choose the size, material, color and cover type.
  • choose the paper type.
  • choose if you would like embossing on the front. (NOT available on Linen or Alligator Leather Covers)
  • Then select the images you would like in your album.

I will take it from there and design your album or book with the images you have selected. If I have any questions I will contact you ūüôā

Below are the cover options to choose from for both Layflat Books or Albums. 

PREMIUM LEATHER These whole hides are hand cut to order and create high-end luxurious covers. Premier leather is soft to the touch and includes natural texture characteristics that are not defects but natural authenticity.


DISTRESSED  LEATHER A natural full hide leather that is hand sanded, making each cover unique in its rustic and distressed look but soft to the touch. This leather shows natural characteristics such as healed scars, insect bites, and brands.


LINEN 100% natural linen is one of nature's sustainable eco materials and is soft to the touch with a natural weave and texture. Our linens create a non-leather, high-end, luxurious cover.


SILK This silk textile is imported from Japan with a beautiful sheen and texture showcasing a natural weaving.


VINTAGE LEATHER Replacing our legacy vintage bonded leather is an alternative material mimicking soft, smooth, luxury faux leather.


LEATHERETTE Our most popular option. Leatherettes are high-end synthetic leather embossed with a leather-like texture and are soft and matte in the finish with excellent material consistency.


FAUX LEATHER Another non-leather material, this option is smoother in finish compared to our Leatherette.


ALLIGATOR LEATHER This option is a bonded leather embossed with an exotic alligator texture.


FABRIC Classic and timeless, Fabric Book Cloth has a tighter fabric weave than our linen cover materials and has been a longstanding textile choice for fabric book coverings.


CHROME FABRIC A modern fabric made from cotton and then coated with acrylic to create a metallic finish with a shimmer.

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Albums are the perfect way to store, organize, and proudly show the pictures you value most. Keep an album full of photos on a living room table as a great way to reminisce with friends and relive your memories. All albums are made with durable quality products you can only find at a professional lab.

Not sure how to order an album? contact me and I will walk you through the process and design the perfect album for you free of charge.